How to Rank in 2018: An SEO Checklist

“How to rank my website?” is something that a lot of people research online.

We all know that SEO is the only and best way to assure that your website will have the first page ranking on the search engines. However, many companies and bloggers are unable to maintain their online ranking.

The reason is that they do not know about the latest SEO requirements. Here we have the on-page SEO checklist that you should consider.

Crawlable URLs

If Google is unable to understand your website, there are chances that you will not be able to maintain a higher ranking.

It is crucial that you keep your ranking by creating search-engine friendly URLs for your content that the Google robots can easily access.

Once the robots crawl into your web page, they will know what kind of services or content that you are offering.

SEO Ranking Factors, As seen on Moz.

Also, make sure that the URLs are based on Google SEO guidelines.

Keyword research

Another important factor you have to consider is the keywords and keyword density.

Importance of Keywords in SEO, Moz

Make sure that you add high-quality keywords into your content because that is a short way to rank higher.

Other than that;

  • You will have to add long tail keywords in your website and content that you are posting
  • Assure that the keywords have better search volume so you can maintain better results
  • Maintain the keyword density because if you have excessively used the keywords, search engines will reject your page.

Take help from SERP (research)

It is crucial that you pay attention to the changes in the SERP. It will help you to understand the terms and conditions on which the search engines and especially Google is working.

Once you know the requirements, you will be able to figure out the ranking techniques for your website’s niche.

There are several SEO tools available that will help you in the process. It is important that you pay attention to the Google SERP guidelines as soon as you are ready to launch or upgrade your website because that is the best way to generate positive results.

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Quality content

Once you are done with the development of the website, it is important that you pay attention to the content. You have to assure that the content you post is of high-quality without any grammatical errors.

Pay attention to the proper use of keywords in the content as well, and it should be optimised with titles and headings to assure that you can generate a higher ranking.

Quality content attracts Google when compared with other factors. Make sure that you add quality links (authority links) into the blog/page content for a higher ranking.

If you are not aware of SEO, it is best to start working with reliable industry experts. There are many SEO specialists available online that will provide you with the best SEO services and assure to maintain a higher rank for your website.

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